The South African Story: 3rd Edition - Ron McGregor

The South African Story: 3rd Edition

By Ron McGregor

  • Release Date: 2015-12-19
  • Genre: Africa

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Ron McGregor is a South African tour-guide and writer. This book - now in it's 3rd edition - was written in response to popular demand for a book about South Africa that isn't too weighty or academic. Until recently, there was no such single book, so Ron sat down and wrote it. And, because it was written to entertain as much as to educate, he stuck to his raconteurial style. It's an easy read, but not a shallow one.
Maps and diagrams to accompany the text were produced by graphic-designer Lisa, Ron's wife.
This is not just another guide book - it's a collection of the tales that the author tells as he crosses the country with his travelers. Much of it is historical fact. One reader remarked, "It is the best narrative of South African history I have ever read. It should be in every school curriculum, and compulsory reading for the diplomatic corps!"
However, it's far more than mere history. History doesn't just happen, it happens for a reason - many reasons. Geography, climate and vegetation all play their roles in determining the fates of nations, so these are also covered. There's folklore, and legend, food and drink, and even a guide to vocabulary.
And, of course, there are heroes. From Paul Kruger and Winston Churchill, to Jan Christian Smuts and Nelson Mandela, some formidable actors have graced the South African stage, and they have their chapters in these pages.
From the Dawn of Mankind to the Darkness of Apartheid, and our current faltering steps into the light of liberation, the South African Story tells it all. There's no other book quite like it.