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  • Good, but writing is so repetitive

    By JB reads
    I enjoyed three books so far. Only complaint is all the intimate scenes say the same things over and over. She had all the female characters “lick their lips” about every three sentences! The language is a bit too repetitive for me to keep reading the series, even if I would like to see how all the characters plots play out.
  • Second chance at happiness

    By s_richmond
    After learning Pippa’s story in the previous two Bennett books, one can only hope she finds a second chance at happiness. It is a second chance not only for Pippa but also Eric, a single dad. Fun reading!
  • Your Forever Love

    By jk(9
    Enjoyed the book. I enjoy strong family ties.
  • Favorite so far!

    By Guslf005
    I’ve just finished book 4 of the Bennett series. So far this one was my favorite. Loved nearly everything about it. The only thing I could truly do without is the repetition of lines and phrases such as “greedy girl” throughout the series. These are different characters, yet they all seem to think and say many of the exact same things. Even the ones that aren’t “related” but overall a great story and series!
  • Charming

    By Ashgen1974
    Pipa and Eric make it work
  • Eh

    By straighttalker198
    The dad never ever asked his daughter what she wanted! If the dad wasn’t dumb he’d see that his daughter wanted to be apart of pippa’s family. The dad was arrogant and egotistical thinking he knew better than anybody! The book was way too long. The ending was clumped together with no spaces. The beginning was elongated but the ending was rushed. There was no conclusion with the twins being born.
  • Love !!!

    By Feli1011
    I seriously loved this book ! It was sexy and sweet . All around great book !
  • Spontaneous and romantic

    By raven_vie
    I love reading page after page until it was already 3 am!
  • It’s ok.

    By ClaudiaS1234
    Entertained me for a bit, but I have to admist I skipped a lot of pragraphs. There is no real villain in this story. The only thing keeping the story going is 2 people who are making life too dificult. They are the only thing keeping them apart. it was an ok read.
  • Life Changing

    By Luz_Dukes
    Layla Hagen’s book are so eloquently written. I loved this one specifically because of the chemistry between Pippa and Eric. I’ve read 6 out of 9 and this one is still my favorite! An amazing read I would recommend to others as well!