Successful Shotgunning - Peter F. Blakeley

Successful Shotgunning

By Peter F. Blakeley

  • Release Date: 2003-08-01
  • Genre: Sports & Outdoors

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• A solid guide for becoming a better shot
• Wing shooting, sporting clays, skeet shooting
• Expert teacher and coach shares years of experience
Successful Shotgunning focuses on wing-shooting and sporting clays techniques. Gain a better understanding of the shooting process as a whole as you sharpen your skills and become a better shot. How to evaluate moving targets in wing-shooting situations in the field, in a competitive environment, on a sporting clays course, or on a skeet field. Choose the correct gun and gun fit for you; learn to diagnose some common eye problems and correct your aim; tame recoil; and deal with the challenges of various sporting clays targets.
Quote from the book: "Successful shotgunning isn't an inherent trait, it is a skill and it must be learned like any other skill. It requires systematic study and the ability to accurately calculate the variables of moving targets. My coaching methods involve an intuitive technique that is based on pure logic and a systematic breakdown of all the variables involved. This is how the experts shoot. Over a period of time they build up a personal mental repertoire of sight pictures, which they can then successfully apply to each target, regardless of whether it is a quail, dove, duck or clay target. They then have the ability to see a subtle but consequential target/barrel relationship on every shot and adjust to each different shooting situation."