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  • The Saga Continues 💙

    By DAW_90
    Just like I ❤️ The Vampire Awakening series. I love this book! Glad to see the stories continuing and have my favorite characters like Brian and the Byrne clan return!
  • Eternally Bound

    By yoli329
    Wonderful book. Could not put it down!
  • Ronan 😍

    By KMort1983
    I can’t even explained how freaking excited I got when I found out not only were we getting a spin-off to the Awakening Series but that it would focus on Ronan and is group! I’d been captivated by Ronan since he first appeared in the Vampire Awakening Series and his story did not disappoint! I’ve read this book more times than I can count! It’s a must read you will love Ronan and Kadence’s story and his group of defenders!
  • Eternally

    By WendyKingston
    This is a great vp book, and I recommend it. I only gave it a try because it was .99 & I won't go on about the odd way I found it. I normally won't give a series a chance unless I get a good feel of the book first. The free section of the sci-fi/fantasy portion in Apple books is stuck in a + feedback loop & the same books have been there forever. It's this type of book that should break thru there IMO. But to this book review, I'd say that anyone who likes vampire/paranormal books will like this one.
  • Alliance

    By Cindy Wittmann Jones
    Great story! I also loved the awakening series as well.
  • Loved it!!!

    By bmore1130
    Ronan and Kadence story is beautiful and their relationship is fast. I know the author says you don’t have to read the awakening series but I think you should because you will know a bit more behind the stories even though it is explained but you will know behind each characters that are introduced in the end and you won’t be who are they and so on because that me. I want to know every character that comes out anyways. Ronan is the head hancho of the vamps and Kadence is a daughter of a head hancho who was murdered by a savage and she is out of her safe zone to see it through he dies but plans go all wrong and Ronan saves her and all hell breaks loose for him. And the alliance comes in to play. I can’t wait to read more of this series. Author has an awesome imagination that I love this world she has created!!!
  • She’s done it again!!!

    By grety10
    Ohhhh how I love her Vamp series!! I recommend all the Vamp books. The author truly pulls you into her world. Can’t wait to read more!
  • Eternally Bound!!!

    By Foreverfaithful415
    Ronan & Kadence story was amazing! I can't wait to read Nathan and Vicky love story which I'm pretty excited about. I was captivated the whole time in what was going to happen! I can't wait to read more about these Purebreds! Brenda K Davis did an amazing Job with this stories!!
  • Eternally bound

    By 322108
    Another awesome book series I can't wait for the second one😍😍😍