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  • The Murder at Sissingham Hall

    By Pins4
    Really enjoyed your book. Love a good mystery and of course the ins and outs of how the it was solved.
  • Too Predictable

    By Zepherelle
    I knew very early on who the killer would be before the murder even occurred. Ending felt very thrown together.
  • Sissingham Hall - predictable, but not bad

    By Mom of 4 Great Ones
    Light read - not bad, but not unexpected. By page 45, I knew the victim, the killer, and the motive. And then, 2 chapters later, the murder actually happened. Whole plot throughout very predictable. Decent character development, but do they all have to be involved in discussing the clues? Definitely a case of too many cooks. Needs more Angela Marchmont involvement, instead of sitting idly by on the sidelines watching people die. Plot so light, clues stand out like neon billboards. No surprises here, folks. Having said that, I’ll probably read more Angela - fun, light read.
  • Absolutely Painful to Read

    By Adri30342
    The book seemed to drag on and on. The main character was NOT Mrs. Marchmont as the “Angela Marchmont Mysteries” has you to believe but an absolute idiot that you want to take and shake. The killer was obvious from pretty much the beginning and the only reason this got two stars from me is that how the killer did it was still a mystery. The ending was just kinda dumb and not believable.
  • The Murder at Sissingham Hall

    By catlvr49
    Good story. Surprised by the ending.
  • A Great Read

    By PRB62
    Unexpectedly an enjoyable book. Written like an Agatha Christie novel, I loved it. Old English charm, believable characters and a compelling mystery. Can’t wait to read more of this author’s work.
  • Sissingham Hall

    By katc333
    Rate 3 out of 5
  • Good for a quick read

    By paigesandpaiges
    It was a classic British detective and well-written. The plot was a little predictable, but still suspenseful enough for the majority of the book to make it enjoyable.