Let Trump Be Trump - Corey R. Lewandowski & David N. Bossie

Let Trump Be Trump

By Corey R. Lewandowski & David N. Bossie

  • Release Date: 2017-12-05
  • Genre: Political Science
Score: 4.5
From 263 Ratings

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A New York Times Bestseller and #1 Wall Street Journal Bestseller!
LET TRUMP BE TRUMP: THE INSIDE STORY OF HIS PRESIDENCY is the ultimate behind-the-scenes account of how he became President of the United States.
Donald Trump was a candidate, and now a president, like none that have come before. His startling rise to the White House is the greatest political tale in the history of our republic. Much has been written about this once-in-a-millennial event but all of those words come from authors outside the orbit of Donald Trump.
Now, for the first time, comes the inside story.
Written by the guys in the room-two of Trump's closest campaign advisors-Let Trump Be Trump is the eyewitness account of the stories behind the headlines. From the Access Hollywood recording and the Clinton accusers, to Paul Manafort, to the last-moment comeback and a victory that reads like something out of the best suspense novel, Let Trump Be Trump pulls back the curtain on a drama that has mesmerized the whole world-including the palace intrigues of the Mooch, Spicer, Preibus, Bannon, and more.
By turns hilarious and intimate, Let Trump Be Trump also offers a view of Donald Trump like you've never seen him, the man whose success in business was built not only on great skill but on loyal relationships and who developed the strongest of bonds with the band of outsiders and idealists who became his team because they believed in him and his message.
Written by Trump's campaign manager, the fiery Corey Lewandowski, and Dave Bossie, the consummate political pro and the plaintiff in the famous Citizens United Supreme Court case who helped steer the last critical months of the Trump campaign, Let Trump Be Trump is destined to be the seminal book about the Trump campaign and presidency.


  • Awesome

    By LSmafia34
    Awesome book.
  • Awesome!!!

    By Ddsj23
    This book was amazing!! It was fascinating to read all the ins and outs of the campaign. I loved it!!!!
  • Let Trump be Trump

    By GCarole
    Well written inside view. Thanks!
  • Excellent Read!

    By Wheelz61
    Let Trump Be Trump is an excellent read that provides the reader a behind-the-scenes insight to the campaign and the man that became our forty-fifth president. The people who worked tirelessly trying to keep up with Donald J. Trump on his way to the White House and Making America Great Again deserves a lot of credit for pulling off what most everyone thought was impossible. Love our President and love this book! Good job Corey and Dave!
  • Let Trump be Trump

    By Denio64
    An inside look through the eyes of the Author Corey Lewandowski. Not the greatest writers here and I think as well as they did, they didn’t get close enough to what makes Trump Trump. Trump truly became bigger than life. To rise up and defeat pure evil and corruption, Trump had to have more than a couple of “misfit toys” as the authors called themselves and co-workers. It’s still a good look but we want more🤗
  • Great Book

    By E Roque
    It exceeded expectations. It was very hard to put it down once you started reading it. Congratulations for a job well done. E & E Roque
  • Great book!

    By Patquan
    Brought back great memories of a roller coaster 18 months. Loved it! Thanks Corey and Dave!
  • Outstanding book

    By Independent345
    Outstanding book. Every page was more captivating than the next-with a "behind to scences” look into the days leading up to President Trump’s iconic victory. Also, after reading the book I have the upmost respect for the two authors. 1)-For the beyond admirable people they both are. And-2)-for their unwavering dedication, and tireless hardwork every single day. They both deserve so much more credit than they are given.

    By E.j.Teegarden
    I liked it. I also read Obama’s and didn’t really care for it. I gave Obama’s book my review, however there are no “Critical Review’s” allowed on Obama’s book. Why is this Apple? If you allow critical reviews on Trump’s page, isn’t it only fair to allow less than 4 star reviews to be posted on Obama’s? This is an addendum: In all fairness, I checked my critical review of Obama’s book and my review was indeed posted. I clicked on the critical tab and only I was the only one that came up with less than perfect ratings. I dont understand why it only shows me as the only one with a less than favorable review of Obama’s book when indeed there are others, but with Trump it shows nothing but 1 star reviews from people. People are people, and we all have the right to our own beliefs - that what makes America great. I fought for this country, for your beliefs; however similar or however they may differ. The freedom of speech, expression, its how great ideas come together. So much censoring of this, and censoring that! If its not hate or hurting someone, who are we to squelch or silence one another? If we proceed with this madness, our individuality, that special thing that makes us ALL so beautifully unique, will no longer exist...
  • Garbage

    By Htb0007