Fury Frayed - Melissa Haag

Fury Frayed

By Melissa Haag

  • Release Date: 2018-01-23
  • Genre: Romance
Score: 4.5
From 243 Ratings

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Megan’s temper lands her in Girderon Academy, an exclusive school founded in a town of misfit supernatural creatures. It’s the one place she should be able to fit in, but she can’t. Instead, she itches to punch the smug sheriff in his face, pull the hair from a pack of territorial blondes, and kiss the smile off the shy boy’s face. Unfortunately, she can’t do any of that, either, because humans are dying and all clues point to her.

With Megan’s temper flaring, time to find the real killer and clear her name is running out. As much as she wants to return to her own life, she needs to embrace who and what she is. It’s the only way to find and punish the creature responsible.


  • Fury rocks my socks!

    By deissygirl
    At the end of this book i find out whaf a “Fury”is and shes a awesome!! I was so happy reading this new world that Melissa introduced to us. I am a huge fan of hers. I have read everything she has come out with and is never a disappointment. It exceeds my expectations every time. This is fresh story with awesome plot and we get right to the point of meeting a lot of interesting characters that are so fun!! Very unique characters that you will fall in love with (fenris and Oanen be still my ❤️ ) not only with our heroine Megan. Megain is hilarious! Alot of humor is this book! Cant wait for more!!!! Has a great mixture of action, suspense, girlmance!?,Bring book 2 now pls!!!
  • Grabs your attention and keeps it

    By vonie21
    I loved this book. When the story ended I actually frowned because I wanted it to continue. I am so excited to start the next book.
  • Fury- Greatly Enjoyed! By Cincy Kid 68!

    By JC Cincy Kid
    Yes definitely a (5) Star Read- Megan is a perfect “Kick Butt” take no crap kind of girl! Loved this first book introduction to her new life and world. Now-have to get on to the next book- can’t wait, let u know that one turns out as well! 👍🤩 JB.
  • Fury Frayed

    By Pastor kt
    Good read. Good characters. Couldn’t stop reading.
  • Action packed paranormal young adult

    By Francis465
    Easy flow, the characters come to life, some you will love while others you will not love. Step into another world and stay a while.
  • Very good

    By BuelaFern
    Very good read!
  • Fury frayed

    By Blue cup84
    Great read!
  • I love this book

    By Paqui65
    It was so good I kept reading it until the long hours of the night I want it to know what was next That is a sign of a great book Thank you for letting me enjoyed Paquita
  • Mythology, sass, romance and action. All in one.

    By jjw315
    Absolutely amazing book. It’s got some mixed mythology, but in a way that blends and makes sense. The writing is very thought out, detailed and thorough. If you know your mythology, and you enjoy reading this ebooks, you are going to love this. I literally couldn’t put it down. Megan is so relatable because she is not some damsel in distress. She of fierce, she is sassy, she is strong, she is what you want a lead female to be. And if for no other reason, read this so you can want a griffin too!!
  • This is another fabulous book by Melissa Haag! It’s definitely worth reading!

    By Only_1_cookie
    I loved this book, it pulled me in right away from the beginning, it kept me up all night reading to see what happens next. The flow is fast & smooth. All the characters are unique (in more ways than just their personalities) and very likable (some more so than others -can we say Oanen & Fenris! 😍). Melissa Haag has a way with the strong silent type male characters in her books, that is just fabulous. Even though Megan has a temper issue, that made me wonder what the heck was going on with her in the beginning, but by the end, it made total sense & I loved it. The story is unique, I’ve not read anything like it before, and I really appreciate that creativity. There's a lot of mystery surrounding Megan & the town, that keeps you guessing. There's all sorts of things going on in this book, different beings from mythology & fairy tales, friendships, enemies, love, mystery, murder, & self-discovery! There is a bit of a set up for the next book in this series but not the kind that leaves you hanging. This is an exciting start for a new series & I can hardly wait for the next book in the series to come out. I want to know more about what happens to all the wonderful characters in this book & to see what other characters will be introduced. I really love all the worlds Melissa Haag/MJ Haag has created in her books. I also loved the bonus for the JO6 series with Clay & Gabby! What a sweet little short, something I’m positive all the Clay & Gabby lovers would appreciate.