Swahili Made Easy - Elisha Punni Gomnah

Swahili Made Easy

By Elisha Punni Gomnah

  • Release Date: 2017-12-18
  • Genre: Education

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In this book, you will learn Swahili grammar, phonology, morphology, and syntax. You will be brought close to a perfect understanding of the dynamics of the language. Watch out for concordial agreement and noun classes. In Swahili, many morphemes are strung together as one word unlike in English, so do not be surprised when you encounter much longer words with only a few of what looks like prepositions, adverbs, and adjectives now and then. This is called agglutinating language. You will learn how to greet in Swahili, construct simple Swahili sentences while following the prescribed format, or what is called concordial agreement, and pick from a wide array of vocabulary in the minidictionary provided within the book. If you intend to visit Africa soon, lay hands on this book fast, and you will be speaking Swahili before you arrive. For those who are currently studying the language in schools, this book is a must-have. Read this book also for fun and a better understanding of the most popular African language and thence increase your knowledge of African literature and culture.