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Spanish Slang: Do you speak the real Spanish? (colloquial Spanish)

By My Daily Spanish

  • Release Date: 2018-02-12
  • Genre: Foreign Languages

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Speak Spanish Slang like a Native
This e-book is the perfect learning material if you want to speak and understand Spanish slang as currently spoken in different Spanish-speaking countries.
500 Spanish slang terms translated into English with example sentences to give context. Simple, logical categories for easy learning. Learn slang from 19 different Spanish-speaking countries.
Simple, Logical Categories for Easy Learning
The different Spanish slang terms in this book are sorted according to two different categories:
By country. You will be able to learn slang words and expressions from 19 different Spanish-speaking countries: Spain, Mexico, Argentina, Cuba, Uruguay, Colombia, Chile, Honduras, Paraguay, Nicaragua, Venezuela, Ecuador, Panama, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Peru, Dominican Republic, Bolivia, and El Salvador. By topic. The slang terms are sorted according to 18 topics: Greetings, People and Descriptions, Actions, Eating and Drinking, Money, Work and Career, Clothing, Bad Behavior, Law and Crime, Insults, and more.
Free Audio for Listening and Pronunciation Practice
The book comes with FREE audio that you can use to familiarize yourself with the correct pronunciation and tone of the slang terms. The high-quality audio is narrated by a professional Spanish voice talent for an enjoyable listening experience.

Is This E-Book for You?
If you are any of the following, this is for you:
You wish to sound more natural when speaking to locals from different Spanish-speaking countries. You are a Spanish language learner from any level who wants to understand a wider variety of Spanish conversations.
Get your copy now and start learning Spanish slang!


  • Clever!

    By KudzuRidl
    What a clever, handy resource! When I was learning the Spanish language, my educators would mention how each country has its own slang. (Like anywhere else) However, you don’t learn how to use slang in school. This ebook, maybe simple, but is easy and fun to use. The included audio makes learning the pronunciation easier too; rather than just winging it. Definitely, something to hold on to, and will become extremely handy when traveling abroad to a Spanish speaking country. The book will let you know which country uses the particular word and will show you how the word is used in a sentence or phrase! Again, what a clever book! I, honestly, enjoyed it!
  • Not Your High School Spanish

    By sweet.dee
    When I started learning Spanish, I always found the emphasis on grammar, coupled with a lack of emphasis on colloquial Spanish, so frustrating. That disconnect stood out especially whenever I tried to read regional literature, news, etc., where the idioms of a particular country couldn’t be parsed just from knowing the language’s basic structures. I’m so glad I found this resource, because it teaches me what I missed in most of my classes: the Spanish of particular places, rather than blanket grammar and vocabulary. I found the book’s comparative aspect especially helpful: having a few different slang phrases from several different countries - all with similar meanings - provided a unique look at the plasticity and versatility of Spanish itself. Overall, an excellent resource for anyone looking to supplement their education while having a little fun. Would definitely recommend.