Don't Forget Your Crown: Self-love has everything to do with it. - Derrick Jaxn

Don't Forget Your Crown: Self-love has everything to do with it.

By Derrick Jaxn

  • Release Date: 2018-09-25
  • Genre: Philosophy
Score: 4.5
From 340 Ratings

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Ladies, I'm not here to tell you how many secret ways you can bend over backwards to get some man to come and validate you. You've heard enough of that.
Men, I'm not here to tell you how to attract more women in an effort to chase the fulfillment your heart yearns for but you never learned how to keep. You've tried that already. It did not, and still has not worked.

I'm here to tell you how to stop getting mindscrewed, toyed with, and taken for granted. It's killing your hope in love, and likely even eating away at your sense of self. You don't have to admit it to me, and you can hide it from your circle, but deep down, you know. Why am I so sure? Because I've been there before.
I've been on both the receiving and giving end of heartbreak. I've been the bullshitter and the bullshitted. I, like many of you, tried everything to put myself in position where I could never get hurt, but no matter what, I failed because I was already hurting due to my lack of understanding of self-love.
In this book, I take you through not only my personal process in that journey but also the lessons I learned to help me lead millions in that same journey for themselves today. I'm not telling you it's going to be easy, I'm just telling you that if you continue going in circles like you've been doing then it's by choice because I've now given you the map. The rest is on you to make the necessary steps. Just don't forget your crown


  • Don’t Forget Your Crown

    By TheeJewel
    I give this book 5 stars. I couldn’t put it down. Normally I highlight the good parts as I read; it was just good highlighting would slow me down. I plan to reread just to highlight. The gifted author shares many relational healthy insights in dating and mate selection. This is an excellent read and worth your time and investment.
  • Best book on relationships

    By lowkeylex16
    This book really helped me understand relationships from a mans perspective. This is a great read!!!
  • Don’t forget your crown

    By Sarahnaebut
    I just adore this man. He spells it out so nicely for all of us who don’t get it!
  • Love it

    By Hfthikj
    I love it ! Great book! Some things hit home for me ! I learned a lot from this book.
  • Definitely worth the investment

    By Corial (Cor-re-ll)
    I was already calling him big bro from the videos he posted and now that I’ve read the book I am definitely grateful. It takes a lot to hold a mirror to yourself when you’ve been hurt and not sure where the roots are coming from. This book has helped me dig into childhood trauma and remember why I always places value on not becoming a single mother and why God has kept me from it. I also learned how to decode some of these things mean say when they want what they want while trying to sugar coat cough syrup to make us drink it. Thank you Derrick and I did not know to leave my review here instead of hunting to do so on Instagram. So if you purchased your books from his link there leave the reviews here. I can’t wait to read more.
  • Excellent & Reassuring

    By SommerDayz
    This book is so REAL and gives such great insight for personal growth! I am not sure exactly what I was expecting, but this book has exceeded my expectations. A great book for self reassurance and guidance.
  • Refreshing

    By shhnail
    This book was a great reminder for me of a few thing that I already knew. More then anything it has helped me to think outside of the box while also reinforcing self love and so much more. I was engaged the entire time and I’m excited about this next chapter “The sixth love language” and this is coming from someone who doesn’t really enjoy reading. Absolutely refreshing thank you!
  • Exactly What I Needed!

    By Daya1211
    Whenever I came to the internet for relationship advice, Derrick Jaxn was the first person I consistently looked to for answers. I trusted his judgement and really understood what he was saying in every situation on Youtube. I stumbled upon this book after going through a tough break-up recently. We are both 21 year old college students and this book really helped me understand my ex-boyfriend’s behaviors much more. I am overcome with so many realizations and an abundance of peace because of how in-depth Derrick went into when explaining where he went wrong and his journey to becoming a better version of himself. Honestly, I recommend this book to women, because I feel like it would really help them understand the men more and also to men because I feel like many of them are going through the same situations and this would be a great guide if they seek self-improvement as well. Overall, I was glued to this book, I read it the same day I purchased it and am so grateful that I did.
  • Fantastic!

    By labachmeier
    This book is so inspiring and answers so many questions about dating, warning signs I’ve personally dismissed and answered questions that I’ve always wanted to ask.... why did he...? Mr. Jackson’s words are honest, intellectual and moving. I was so motivated I even surpassed the recommendation of “dating myself” once a week and took myself on a 3 week vacation to see the parts of America I’ve always wanted to see. It was the best time I’ve had in years. This book brings me hope and lets me know that I don’t have to lower my standards like a lot of people suggest.
  • Incredible

    By Hill in NC
    I just came out of a horrible relationship with a narcissist. The course of that relationship destroyed who I was at my core. I have been in therapy and working to restore the love I lost for myself while trying to love someone else. This book was right on time for me. I have slowly inched my way into the dating world and it’s hard. I needed the book. It has helped me set healthy boundaries and reassured me of my values so that I never end up in that type of situation again. I highly recommend this book. It’s easy to read and I got through it super fast! Best part is finding out the author is from eastern NC just like myself!