The Rise of Magicks - Nora Roberts

The Rise of Magicks

By Nora Roberts

  • Release Date: 2019-11-26
  • Genre: Paranormal
Score: 4.5
From 1,405 Ratings

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The #1 New York Times bestselling author of Year One and Of Blood and Bone concludes her stunning trilogy that the New York Times Book Review praised as "A match for end-of-the-world classics like Stephen King's The Stand."


  • “ pow to the wow” by Queen Fred

    By grety10
    What an amazing story!!! It has everything you can think of in a masterpiece.It pulled at me from the very fist book. Is not a typical romance, is so much more than that. The power of love, compassion, strength, loyalty, friendship, family, good vrs bad, and my favourite, HOPE is all intertwined in our past, present and future of our current society and lives. It truly makes you stop while you’re reading and think “ wow, this is now in our society” The writing is exceptional and profound. This books had it all for me as a reader. I read all the trilogy in a week. My praise to Mrs. Roberts. What an amazing story!!!
  • Nora Roberts The Rise of Magics

    By Ann MH
    See my review of book One and Two of Trilogy.
  • The first book in the trilogy that I COULD put down

    By SamToms
    Love all things Nora Roberts. Love this trilogy. Loved the first 2 books. This one was so heavily anticipated. I waited MONTHS. Halfway through I was able to set it down and do other things (which is unusual for me when reading one of her books), so I felt like it dragged a little and just didn’t engage me like the first 2 did. With all of that said, I’ll still likely read it half a dozen more times and it’s still a good book.
  • Bad End, but worth reading.

    By PunkyLV
    The first two books of this series are phenomenal. They’re different then other books and she builds the characters really, really well. I remember finishing the first one a bemoaning having to wait a year for the next. Then after the second I was even more excited for the third. They were SO good! For this last book though, she did not develop the story like you would expect from a Nora Roberts book (of which I think I might have read nearly all of them. She is absolutely a favorite of mine). Throughout the whole book it felt rushed. At the end, I was discussing it with another Nora fan and we both agreed that it felt like this was supposed to be four books and after the second came out, for whatever reason, it was decided to condense the last “two” books into one to make it a trilogy. This is definitely worth reading because it does close up the first two absolutely amazing books, but I was disappointed.
  • The Rise of Magicks

    By babz##
    Liked the first one. Didn’t like the last one.
  • Disappointing-felt rushed

    By krisb99
    I agree with others who state this book felt rushed and wasn’t paced well. I kept waiting for more details and excitement during the battles and other events as in the first two books, but it never happened. Makes me wonder if a ghost writer was used for this one, because it just felt like the story was following an outline with no real heart put into the story. Petra was barely present and she was supposed to be the main antagonist. Still love Nora Roberts, but the wrap up to this trilogy was a huge disappointment for me, as the writing just wasn’t on par with the first two.
  • Amazing

    By KAnsley01
    So good! Sad it’s only a trilogy! This is the new Harry Potter it just falls short due to only being three books :(
  • Drags

    By liberteabelle
    Nora writes so well and I’m delighted with her shift on this new 3 book series. Although I mark this book with 3 stars, I would rate the previous 2 books as 5 stars. For me, the problem is that the majority of Book 3 is about battle plans and strategies. I get it - the One must overcome the Dark and that is not simple. But that’s kinda boring and perhaps the overarching 3 book storyline could have been thought through to allow more story in the final book. Some tired standards still in this series and was hoping that the shift away from romance would get rid of them. - Riding pillion - Hair pulled into a tail - You matter - Put your hands on me And why wasn’t there more development on the Merpeople? Or on her evil cousin? But overall, Norah is a terrific writer!
  • The Rise of Magicks not as magical

    By BreO0123
    I’ve been looking forward to the last book in this trilogy for so many months. I preordered it to make sure I had it as soon as it was out. Sadly, it was nowhere near as engaging as the first two. It felt rushed and as if so much information was left unsaid. It actually reminded me of watching a movie made from a popular book....always so much is left out to be able to fit into the allotted time. Anyway, Nora Roberts still is a phenomenal author....just not one of my favorite books.
  • Great series

    By Q-tip / letty
    The first book actually scared me and the next and the next. I could not even put it down. Nora Roberts is a great writer. Can’t wait for the next series!