Triggered - Donald Trump Jr.


By Donald Trump Jr.

  • Release Date: 2019-11-05
  • Genre: Political Science
Score: 3.5
From 499 Ratings

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This is the book that the leftist elites don't want you to read -- Donald Trump, Jr., exposes all the tricks that the left uses to smear conservatives and push them out of the public square, from online "shadow banning" to rampant "political correctness."
In Triggered, Donald Trump, Jr. will expose all the tricks that the left uses to smear conservatives and push them out of the public square, from online "shadow banning" to fake accusations of "hate speech." No topic is spared from political correctness. This is the book that the leftist elites don't want you to read!
Trump, Jr. will write about the importance of fighting back and standing up for what you believe in. From his childhood summers in Communist Czechoslovakia that began his political thought process, to working on construction sites with his father, to the major achievements of President Trump's administration, Donald Trump, Jr. spares no details and delivers a book that focuses on success and perseverance, and proves offense is the best defense.


  • Absolutely Spot On!

    By ureadme
    I love his writing style as well as the points that he makes in the book are absolutely brilliant. I honestly cannot complement this book enough!
  • A mind changing read

    By statsimple69
    I never knew what lies my party told until I read this book. Once a life long democrat, now a full supporter of Donald Trump and Donald Trump Jr. Read this book. Just read it!
  • Goofball left

    By Trump2020#Wisconsin
    Honestly I can understand how the far left can hate this book because it tells the truth which the left does not do or listens to. Along with not being able to understand facts.
  • Superb

    By Heather0Heather
    Humorous, forthright & doesn’t spare feelings of those unable to read a book without being offended. Got friends reading it now.
  • Garbage

    By cdransf
    Puerile trash from the son of the worst president in the nation's history. Cashing in on the presidency like the rest of his gritting family.
  • Excellent!

    By SilentWadero
    Excellent book an great insights. Found it hard to put down!
  • Triggered

    By TheFattoCatto
    Okay, I admit, I haven’t completely read this. That’s why I didn’t give it one star. I did listen to the sample, though (just because I was curious), and all I can say is: Okay, Boomer!
  • Triggered

    By Jbrady177
    Hilarious, that some “readers” think Jr actually wrote this book. Of course, they no doubt think Dirty Don wrote his books. If you can’t get enough of Trump rallies, Tweets, and press opportunities, you will adore this. If you have a normal connection with reality, have read and understand the Constitution, reject all forms of bigotry, and believe science, this is not the book for you. It does prove for sure that the difference between genius and stupidty is genius has limits.
  • Dude is a joke

    By IsthmusChristmas
    So is his dad
  • Interesting book

    By pattii
    A bare assessment of what's going on in today's creepy world of politics. Everything I suspected, so no surprise. And an interesting look at the inner workings of growing up in the Trump family. Good to know they were held accountable for their actions as kids, were expected to work, and not coddled because they had millions. As an open minded, college educated woman who's historically voted for both Democrats and Republicans in my lifetime, I can promise this family has my vote as long as they have a candidate running. I like the path they put America on.