All I Ask - Corinne Michaels

All I Ask

By Corinne Michaels

  • Release Date: 2020-03-17
  • Genre: Fiction & Literature
Score: 4.5
From 129 Ratings

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Fans of Christina Lauren, Colleen Hoover, and Jill Santopolo will love this breathtaking story about first love, second chances, and starting over from New York Times bestselling author Corinne Michaels.
Teagan Berkeley is trying her best. A single mom raising a precocious teen, she may have given up on her dreams, but she's accepted her life in her small beachside hometown. Now the one person who abandoned her when she needed him the most has returned, bringing back memories of what might have been.
Derek Hartz arrives in town with a teenage daughter-and he's full of guilt over his failed marriage and the way he ended his friendship with Teagan. He's determined to set things right with her, but first he needs to gain her trust, something he's not convinced he deserves.
As Teagan and Derek open up to each other-and confess their deepest secrets-it's impossible for them to deny what's always been between them. But just when their happily ever after is within reach, their complicated history surfaces again and threatens to keep them apart. Forever.


  • So good!

    By amandac3
    Loved this book. Gah. So many emotions. Corinne Michaels, as per usual, will put you through the wringer. And it's glorious! LOL! Derek and Teagan are best friends. Until they're not. There's a decade plus of hurt and animosity between them. So when they're thrown back together under tragic circumstances, they have to fight to find balance between their past selves and who they are now. It's a story of hope and forgiveness and finding your path in life, even if it's not what you expected. I've yet to read a book from Corinne Michaels that I didn't love, and this one is no exception. It's a fantastic read and I'd highly recommend it.
  • Couldn’t put it down!

    By Amber Albanese
    I went to read the sample and was already hooked! I had to know what happened with Teagen and Derek. Stayed up till 3am and read the whole day to see how this story played out! Loved it so much 💙
  • A must read!

    By mpatane5
    4.5 Tell me something real stars. Another great read by Corinne Michaels you won’t be able to put down. Derek and Teagan’s connection draws you in from the beginning and their journey hold you until the end. Their best friends/second chance storyline is full of angst and learning to forgive. A must read.
  • Beautiful second chance romance.

    By Angela Lamb
    5 Beautiful Stars Teagan and Derek have been best friends since high school, until suddenly they weren’t. Both secretly had feelings for the other, but both too scared to say anything. Now, thirteen years later, they are brought back together again when Derek and his daughter move back to his hometown. I absolutely adored the relationship between Teagan and her daughter, Chastity. All I Ask is the epitome of second chance romances and I loved every single page. Corinne Michaels has completely outdone herself with this heartbreakingly beautiful story of two people who overcome so many obstacles to find their love for each other still burns as strong as it always has. This one definitely brings all the feels and will leave you an emotional mess. Angela - Alphas Do It Better Book Blog
  • All I Ask is everyone read this book!!

    By Janiaco
    All I Ask by Corinne Michaels is a story about Teagan and Derek. Unlikely best friends from childhood who meet up again as adults. This story was heartbreaking at times but makes you believe in the “what if’s” in fate. When you think your life will go one way but actually turns out completely different then you imagined. Corinne Michaels never fails at pulling all these different emotions as you experience all the characters feel. Amazing reading!!
  • Another Corinne Michaels must read!!

    By gabbysreading
    4.5 stars!! I love how Corinne Michaels always manages to pull all the emotions out of me with her books. All I Ask is a beautifully written, single parents, friends to lovers, second chance romance. It’s a story of longing, forgiveness and reconnection. Corinne Michaels does a great job combining emotionally charged moments with a lot of heart and sass. I really enjoyed this one. Teagan and Derek had a really strong friendship that started in high school. However, secrets and unspoken desires forced them to end their bond. Thirteen years later, they're reunited and all the guilt, hurt, and feelings are unleashed. I liked how this story flowed so easily between the past and the present. In the present, Teagan is down on her luck. She's had to do everything on her own and the end of her friendship with Derek more than a decade prior is still an open wound. But she stayed strong for her daughter. I loved the relationship she had with Chastity. Their bond is incredibly strong and there is so much trust and honesty between them. Derek carries a ton of guilt for ending his relationship with Teagan. However, he had a marriage and a daughter to think of. When he moves back to help his father, he must figure out how to single parent his daughter who is struggling with all the recent changes. I really love Teagan and Derek together, in the past and the present. Their connection was amazing even after so much time apart. It was almost to a point of frustration because I just wanted them to be together so freaking bad. There were many times in this story where I wanted to shake them both. A lot could have been resolved if they just talked to each other. The emotions and longing made for one hell of a story. I'm such a sap when it comes to Corinne Michaels books. All I Ask may not be as angsty as some of her other books however that didn't stop me from shedding quite a few tears. A second chance, friends to lovers, single parents romance by one of my favorite authors, I mean, come on, how could this be anything but a must read. I highly recommend it.
  • They were meant to be!!

    4.5 Stars!!! All I Ask is a beautifully written story about a second chance romance between Derek Hartz and Teagan. Teagan Derek were best friends throughout high school and college, but Derek and Teagan each held deeply secret feelings for the other, which neither admitted nor acted upon. And then Derek married Meghan, and things changed, and the change occurred at time when Teagan truly needed Derek. Now, due to unexpected circumstances Teagan and Derek have been thrust back into each other's lives, and this is when the story truly begins to unfold, and takes us on a beautiful journey of pain shedding, love, broken and mended hearts, true communication, and romance. Derek and Teagan are each other's perfect match. Although I will say that in the beginning, Teagan, despite me understanding her hurt and pain at the lack of communication between her and Derek when she needed him the most...when she gave birth to her daughter, she drove me a little crazy because I felt like she was asking Derek to chose her over his wife, and that was not something that he could do. And I will admit that it bothered me the way it was revealed that Derek harbored feelings for Teagan, and it made me side-eye him for a bit. However, these two were truly meant to be together, and they truly loved each other beyond time, space and distance. If we all could have a love like theirs. All I Ask is one of Corinne Michaels most beautifully told stories. It is a story of strength, redemption, forgiveness, comeuppance, love, and parenthood. It is simply perfect.
  • Derek and Teagan are EVERYTHING!

    By Ecaffey
    This is my top read of 2020 without a doubt nothing can top this!! Corinne captivates you with this stunning love story between two people that are to afraid to admit it to each other how they feel when they are young. Years later they are brought back together in the same small town where is all started. Both now singles parents, they gravitate to each other, trying to fight it nothing can stop them. The story of Derek and Teagan will leave you not wanting it to end. This is such a beautiful, emotional story that will melt your heart. You will fall in love with Derek and Teagan!! Corinne Michaels absolutely ruined me with this book, simply AMAZING!
  • Wonderful Story!!!

    By Sherry Corby
    I love the story so much! This is a wonderful friends to lovers second chance romance. Teagan and Derek's story has so much emotion and feels!!!
  • I enjoyed it!

    By dragonfly_311
    3.5 stars All I Ask is Corinne Michaels latest standalone novel and her first as a traditionally published author through Forever Romance. This story is an emotional best friends-to enemies-to lovers and second chance romance. We're in Chincoteague Island, Virgina, a tiny coastal town with seasonal visitors and plenty of locals that get into everyones business. Teagan is a single mother to a thirteen-year-old girl and lives above her parents antique store that she also manages. Derek is a newly widowed father back in town to help his ailing father at his veterinary practice. Teagan and Derek's relationship is volatile. They were high school best friends that always had feelings for each other but never let the other know about it. Teagan's relationship with her then boyfriend made Derek's decision to marry someone else the put the nail in their proverbial coffin. "Tell me something real." I enjoyed Derek's character very much. He's learning the ropes as a single father, and dealing with the death of his wife. While their relationship wasn't perfect, I felt that her character was villainized a bit too much. Teagan was very hit or miss for me. She was a woe-is-me type of character and that kind of grated on me. She plays the victim very well but they both made decisions that molded the thirteen years they were apart. "I've waited a very long time for you, even when I didn't know what I was doing. While this wasn't a supreme read for me, I did still enjoy it. Teagan and Derek's growth as characters separately, parents, and a couple was great to read. Corinne still remains a top auto-buy author for me but All I Ask didn't hit all the marks like her past stories.