Don't Burn This Book - Dave Rubin

Don't Burn This Book

By Dave Rubin

  • Release Date: 2020-04-28
  • Genre: Political Science
Score: 4
From 110 Ratings

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"Topical, engaging, personable, and above all, reassuring." -Dr. Jordan B. Peterson, author of 12 Rules for Life

From host of The Rubin Report, the most-watched talk show about free speech and big ideas on YouTube right now, a roadmap for free thinking in an increasingly censored world.

The left is no longer liberal.

Once on the side of free speech and tolerance, progressives now ban speakers from college campuses, "cancel" people who aren't up to date on the latest genders, and force religious people to violate their conscience. They have abandoned the battle of ideas and have begun fighting a battle of feelings. This uncomfortable truth has turned moderates and true liberals into the politically homeless class.

Dave Rubin launched his political talk show The Rubin Report in 2015 as a meeting ground for free thinkers who realize that partisan politics is a dead end. He hosts people he both agrees and disagrees with--including those who have been dismissed, deplatformed, and despised--taking on the most controversial issues of our day. As a result, he's become a voice of reason in a time of madness.

Now, Rubin gives you the tools you need to think for yourself in an age when tribal outrage is the only available alternative. Based on his own story as well as his experiences from the front lines of the free speech wars, this book will empower you to make up your own mind about what you believe on any issue and teach you the fine art of:

    Checking your facts, not your privilege, when it comes to today's most pervasive myths, from the wage gap and gun violence to climate change and hate crimes.
    Standing up to the mob against today's absurd PC culture, when differences of opinion can bring relationships, professional or personal, to a sudden end.
    Defending classically liberal principles such as individual rights and limited government, because freedom is impossible without them.

The Progressive Woke Machine is waging war against the last free thinkers in the world. Don't Burn This Book is the definitive account of our current political upheaval and your guide to surviving it.


  • Honest, insightful and a depressing truth of human weakness.

    By tsdolphins
    It should be required reading for schools. Before the brain washing starts...
  • Amazing

    By Guidokingbrofrat
    Extremely insightful into today’s current situation. Would be a much higher rating if extremist weren’t “burning the book” 😂 by giving 1 star ratings. Would recommend to all.
  • Transformation

    By EdfromTucson
    Dave provides a raw and unfiltered story. It’s always amazing to read real honesty writ large. It just doesn’t get better. Great read,
  • Can see a lot of non open thinkers

    By Mike49472
    Good read if you can think for yourself
  • Eye opening

    By meghan.217
    One of the best books of our time exposing the fallacies of left policies for what they really are. I was red pilled by Larry Elder. If a black man says to a white woman that racism isn’t real with factual argumentation, then you just need to change your world outlook. Dismissing his view would be hypocritical because then I wouldn’t value the opinion of a minority and would therefore limit his freedom of speech and actually be a racist if I automatically assumed he should be for a certain side. He puts it in the true terms of jump off the Democratic sinking ship of moving towards socialism or keeping the freedoms and rights you have as an individual. This book is great for anyone like me who voted for Bernie Sanders and has friends and family on the left who are making a transition in their political beliefs. Thank you Dave, Candace Owens, Larry, and other activist who are standing up and speaking out against the mob! Keep America Great!
  • Amazing book!!!!

    By delaijh
    Such a good read. Definitely recommend 10/10. Very insightful, interesting, humorous and incredibly informative. Rubin did an amazing job and I would love to read more of his books in the future! You might not agree with everything he says, but you can’t deny that this was a well thought-out book that addresses everything in today’s political climate without sugar-coating, or being extremely politically correct. Really enjoyed it.
  • Great title

    By jambalaya33
    Excellent book that explains that being born a democrat doesn’t have to be terminal. You can wake up one day and realize it really isn’t what you believe at all. The fear of being ostracized because you might be a conservative isn’t fearful after all. Good read by a former lib. Watch him on the Rubin Report and on Fox.
  • Painfully idiotic

    By SMA8858
    This is unquestionably the worst book I’ve ever read. The author of this book is a moron of an unprecedented magnitude. I almost feel bad leaving a negative review for this horribly written book because if this author is serious with his views, he must be mentally disabled in some way. It’s almost as if this is a satire of what a bad book is, but alas, the author is completely serious, and that is just astounding and frankly hilarious. Avoid this book like the plague.
  • Victim hood much?

    By Mkzamel
    God! The title alone is enough for you to know that the author smell his own farts with a wine glass
  • The Dial of Ideas is Turned Off

    By EggMcMuffin
    The high level writing in this book will surprise most readers. Not only does the author parrot revisionist history like “Hitler was the real leftist” but he also has had a cognitive decline over the past 5-7 years throughout his career as a political commentator. David Rubin, trust me, used to be good, at least much better than his more recent conservative self. But now Dave is much wealthier and is no longer in a position to consider a more progressive ideology because he is convinced that joining the conservatives and libertarians is the most financially secure position for himself. That’s understandable and materially explains his ideology. However, it’s doesn’t explain his bizarre behavior. For example, Dave will defend a conservative talking point like saying “Martin Luther King Jr. was a conservative” or “you can’t claim to be oppressed if you have a smart phone”. These sentences coming from the mouth of a right-wing political commentator should not be a surprise but it still is bizarre that someone like Rubin cannot or will not acknowledge the stupidity of these positions. Perhaps he’s happy in his own political glass house but I sincerely hope that he seriously consider shifting his views or at the very least shut up, if not for his sake but for the betterment of political discourse. So the book was insufferable, I’m not going to pretend I read the whole thing, I didn’t, I couldn’t. The lack of editing and structure in this book paired with the painfully bad conservative takes and boomer jokes contributed to a book that, under today’s circumstances, probably should be burned. If you purchased this book, I recommend you get a refund. The historical accuracy is nonexistent. Remember, Rubin once said “Jesus was around a lot of Muslims, it was the Middle East” and if that isn’t the perfect comparison to the history cited in this book I don’t know what would be. I should rate this 0/5 but apple reviews isn’t that mean. So I leave a one star review for possibly the worse writing I’ve ever suffered through. Please don’t buy this book or give Dave any money until he comes out of his shell and acknowledges the damage he’s done to politics.