God Is Not Great - Christopher Hitchens

God Is Not Great

By Christopher Hitchens

  • Release Date: 2007-05-01
  • Genre: Religion & Spirituality
Score: 4
From 748 Ratings

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Whether you're a lifelong believer, a devout atheist, or someone who remains uncertain about the role of religion in our lives, this insightful manifesto will engage you with its provocative ideas.

With a close and studied reading of the major religious texts, Christopher Hitchens documents the ways in which religion is a man-made wish, a cause of dangerous sexual repression, and a distortion of our origins in the cosmos. With eloquent clarity, Hitchens frames the argument for a more secular life based on science and reason, in which hell is replaced by the Hubble Telescope's awesome view of the universe, and Moses and the burning bush give way to the beauty and symmetry of the double helix.

In the tradition of Bertrand Russell's Why I Am Not a Christian and Sam Harris's The End of Faith, Christopher Hitchens makes the ultimate case against religion.


  • Great Book.

    By Texas Jew.
    Haters will always hate, This book is a must from the mind of a great man who is deeply missed.
  • A fantastic read!

    Don’t be turned off by the title. This book is factual and comprehensive -it should be required reading for every young adult, hopefully before they become indoctrinated into one way of thinking.
  • To: #68

    By Jdo4456
    You had to read the title 3 times to become interested? Wow that mustve taken a long time, huh. Listen kids, i was once a christian too, but the fact remains that christianity is a sick hybrid of Judaism and ancient mythology. Just think, Paul the apostle was upset by the Jews for their disbelief. They had the right to not believe. If jesus really was the son of god he would have appeared to everyone not just 10 people or so. Thomas did not believe and supposedly had to see for himself. What happened? he saw jesus and touched him (in the fantastic story) and his doubts were pleased. You cannot expect anyone to believe something just because you think its the inspired word of god. ive been around it my whole life and i see nothing special about it. the old testament is from jewish poets and moses and perhaps prophets. the new testament is shady eyewitness accounts and letters not intended for us. all were voted upon to decide which were "divinely inspired" This religion is going to die and ill be glad to see it go
  • Wonderfully inspiring!

    By chefreiner
    The best book I have read in a long time. Christopher Hitchens was an extremely well spoken and intelligent debater- and an even better writer. True to himself to the very end. He is dearly missed in the atheist - and freethinker community. I am hooked and cannot wait to read all o his publications. Inspirational!
  • Utterly brilliant

    By Markymark7174
    This isn't a great book just for its argument, but Hitchens' mastery of words that makes his bluntness so effective. He walks a clever line of false modesty that shows off his intelligence, yet carries you with him. This is polemic at its absolute best. Years later, it continues to define the atheist argument against a divine creator, putting the proof back in the court of those making the assertion. The Hitch is still missed, yet we can enjoy his words and the audiobook, his voice, long after his demise. His afterlife is in his work, like this. What a legacy.
  • Inspired by the negative reviews!

    By Majestic 12
    I thought about buying this book because of the great reviews, but actually bought this because of the negative reviews! The stupid religious reviews that had no argument - just God is alive, or whatever...LOL
  • Hurts

    By 1bookreview
    Why did you put the title with a picture of Mother Theresa... That the kind of audience you want to attract? You couldn't find another way to do it?
  • Perposterous!

    By God+Son Dying On Cross=love
    God is alive and living inside of us! God loves you and is not a religion.
  • Horrible

    By Geedle104
    Horrible! Provides no evidence whatsoever. Dr. William Lane Craig has way better proof/evidence that actually makes sense!
  • Great!!!

    By mclarenf1330
    If you have your reservations about religion and like to hold on to them, then this book is not for you! It makes you question everything you've come to know about religion, all regions, and then takes you to a place where the saying "ignorance is bliss" is invaluable, if of course you value THAT "ignorance"