The Name of the Wind - Patrick Rothfuss

The Name of the Wind

By Patrick Rothfuss

  • Release Date: 2007-03-27
  • Genre: Epic
Score: 4.5
From 7,669 Ratings

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Discover #1 New York Times-bestselling Patrick Rothfuss’ epic fantasy series, The Kingkiller Chronicle.
“I just love the world of Patrick Rothfuss.” —Lin-Manuel Miranda • “He’s bloody good, this Rothfuss guy.” —George R. R. Martin • “Rothfuss has real talent.” —Terry Brooks
My name is Kvothe.
I have stolen princesses back from sleeping barrow kings. I burned down the town of Trebon. I have spent the night with Felurian and left with both my sanity and my life. I was expelled from the University at a younger age than most people are allowed in. I tread paths by moonlight that others fear to speak of during day. I have talked to Gods, loved women, and written songs that make the minstrels weep.
You may have heard of me.
So begins a tale unequaled in fantasy literature—the story of a hero told in his own voice. It is a tale of sorrow, a tale of survival, a tale of one man’s search for meaning in his universe, and how that search, and the indomitable will that drove it, gave birth to a legend.  

Praise for The Kingkiller Chronicle:
“The best epic fantasy I read last year.... He’s bloody good, this Rothfuss guy.”
George R. R. MartinNew York Times-bestselling author of A Song of Ice and Fire
“Rothfuss has real talent, and his tale of Kvothe is deep and intricate and wondrous.” 
Terry BrooksNew York Times-bestselling author of Shannara
"It is a rare and great pleasure to find a fantasist writing...with true music in the words."
Ursula K. Le Guin, award-winning author of Earthsea
"The characters are real and the magic is true.” 
Robin HobbNew York Times-bestselling author of Assassin’s Apprentice
"Masterful.... There is a beauty to Pat's writing that defies description." 
Brandon SandersonNew York Times-bestselling author of Mistborn


  • For me it’s 4.5/5

    By MythShow
    Very nicely written novel But the pace is slow for my taste, especially in the mid chapters Many things end up unclear & unresolved I hope the 2nd book bring more epic & twists for the story
  • The Name of the Wind

    By Mara Delphine
    If Harry Potter and GOT slept together, 9 months later you’d have this book. I could not put it down. The characters have wonderful depth and complexity, their relationships are carefully built and maintained, and the places, languages, and culture are described in painstaking detail. I truly felt I was transported to another world while reading these books. I have been recommending these books to everyone I know/meet. Cannot wait for Book 3!
  • GOAT

    By b dolla $ign
    Incredible book. I loved the story and it was just so much fun to red. I’ll never forget what it felt like to read Name or the Wind for the first time.
  • Incomplete yet addictive - don’t start

    By Boaz Segev
    The first chapter in the trilogy was published in 2007, the second in 2011... and 9 years later we’re still waiting for the final installment. The story starts beautifully, written thoughtfully, with characters that pop from the page full of depth and a life of their own. Be warned. The story comes to life in your kitchen, follows you to your bedroom and refuses to let the you put the book down for even a moment. The words will echo in your mind, not allowing you to sleep or eat, as you’ll be consumed by a single minded desire to read the story and reach it’s end... ...only there is no end! The story hangs there, held hostage for 9 years past and endless years more. No, the author didn’t deign to finish this story. Until he does, the book is an incomplete work of art. This story is limping in the dark, drawing circles in its prison cell, waiting for an ending never told, waiting for a verdict never passed, waiting for an author to set it free. Possibly, waiting in vain.
  • Started off well enough.

    By brianbingman44
    Started off well enough. Interesting characters put into motion. A vengeance plot. Magical dark antagonist. I was ready. Then the book turned into some weird kind of Harry Potter book. And the author departed from everything of interest. I couldn’t even finish it. Skip it.
  • Dense but good

    By old.woman.josiah
    Worthwhile overall but very difficult for me to get into at first
  • A Poetic justice

    By Libros forever
    A smart and deeply entertaining read. The author brings everything to life and makes you feel it.
  • A Must-Read Fantasy

    By JohnMurz
    The Name of the Wind belongs in everyone’s list of top ten fantasy books to read in a lifetime. It begins like many fantasy stories with a setting in a small, rural village during a late medieval time. Readers are introduced to a friendly, unassuming innkeeper. One of the residents soon stumbles into the inn after being attacked by monsters on the outskirts of the town. Sound familiar? Stick with it because the plot soon becomes interesting. A scribe arrives at the inn, seeking a person known as Kvothe, a legend in that part of the world, now in hiding. It turns out to be the innkeeper. The scribe wants to tell his story. Kvothe agrees, and the scribe puts it down on paper as the innkeeper tells it. The Name of the Wind becomes a story within a story as we follow the adventures of a young Kvothe during his years traveling from town to town with his parents and a troupe of actors until tragedy strikes. He later enters a magical University where he longs to learn the name of the wind, a form of magic that is taught there. The story is full of action, and I never tired of it. The main characters are well-developed, although I often had trouble placing a few of the minor characters. The book inspired me enough to begin reading book two in the series, A Wise Man’s Fear. Read it; you won’t be disappointed.
  • Patty patty Roth fuss

    By yeetbooksgood
    Is pretty good, I’m not done yet so I will do a full review later but I’m enjoying it.
  • Read countless times and is still wonderful

    By Jonny5tud
    I’ve read this book many times over the years in anticipation of the third book. It never fails to disappoint. I can’t recommend this book enough. Thank you Mr. Rothfuss for writing. The end.