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  • So great

    By ed 2346🤪
    The twilight series is laughable next to this. The Host is so good, I love Wanda, she’s got an interesting thing going with Ian, and then there’s Melanie, who definitely wants out. It’s a really good sci fi, really crazy love triangle in here, just wanted to give you a fair warning. Definitely read this book, it’s so great.
  • Good

    By HAH1Dlover
    This book is so good and has amazing details I have been a fan of your works since the twilight series and I’m eager to read midnight sun when it comes out you rock Stephanie
  • Slow start, but great!!

    By Jazz_Reviews
    If you can get past the slow opening, this is far better than the Twilight Saga
  • Amazing Tearjerking Sci-fi

    By MrOtm
    Loved everything about this book. The way that she writes the perspective of the main character really makes you feel connected and empathetic towards the conflicts that arise. It has enough elements of science fiction, action, and emotional turmoil to really get you hooked on it.
  • A favorite

    By fantasyfiesta
    I read this book for the first time years ago, and I always come back. I’ve read my physical copy so many times the spine fell apart. It’s such a beautiful story about humanity- the beauty and darkness that exists in all of us. It’s a story of loss, war, the will to survive, and love above all else. These characters worm their way into your heart and the story keeps you invested until the very end. This book is just an amazing read. I imagine I’ll read it many more times in the coming years.
  • Excellent

    By vtHAD
    Watched the movie and read the book. A gripping original (as far as I know) story that keeps you fully focused so you don’t miss anything that could shed more light on where the story is going. So different than Twilight series but still carries hope even when things seem darkest. SM is a gifted writer.
  • Incredible

    By tammycraft
    Loved it read 4 times
  • Stephenie Meyer never disappoints!

    By BlackRose0924
    Loved this book from front to back! Sequel baiting at the end has me on the edge of my seat waiting for the next iteration of the next book! It’s been years, I hope she’s working on it.
  • This is my new favorite book

    By Destiny_gurl14
    I couldn’t put this book down once I started reading. I felt myself identifying with all of the characters. I was a bit disappointed seeing critics downrate this and the movie and even comparing it to twilight. I find this book to be entirely it’s own and something that I have never read before. Everything the characters are feeling and sensing, the audience does too. I wish I hadn’t seen the movie before reading this just because they have their differences and my mental image is only of the movie now but they’re are both my favorite. I 100% recommend this if you like sci-fi, romance, and honestly an adventure because this entire book keeps you at the edge of your seat.
  • Meyer does science fiction

    By Purple Muse
    This is by far the best book Meyer has written. Clever, intriguing, a story about finding love far beyond ordinary times and places. The heart-rending passionate way the main character sacrifices for the little brother she would do anything to defend, and the true friendship demonstrated by Wanda are touching and real. Truly a great read.