The Communist Manifesto - Karl Marx

The Communist Manifesto

By Karl Marx

  • Release Date: 1848-01-01
  • Genre: Politics & Current Events
Score: 4
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It has since been recognized as one of the world's most influential political manuscripts. Commissioned by the Communist League, it laid out the League's purposes and program. It presents an analytical approach to the class struggle (historical and present) and the problems of capitalism, rather than a prediction of communism's potential future forms.


  • Don’t diss dead people haters

    By Good ol' "Joe"
    A (couple) words to those who are dissing the CM and it’s ideologies and worshipping capitalism in its place: The US and other first world countries have all some aspect of socialism in their government. Why else would we have weekends (didn’t exist until USSR since too many workers were leaving the country due to the sheer madness of their bosses) healthcare (didn’t exist until USSR also) and 8 hour workdays (previously 14-18 hrs)? The CCC, invented by president Roosevelt that saved the country from the Great Depression was a clearly socialist idea! If you are to understand capitalist and/or communism as a intellectual, this book is a must read. BTW in my personal opinion this book is bloody fun with all the blood gore and explosions and stuff. Even though I hope that communism comes peacefully. Please don’t arrest me🥺🥺🥺🥺
  • My Critique On ‘The Communist Manifesto’

    By Stephenman7
    The Communist Manifesto belongs in the rat-infested garbage cans of the ash heap of history. His concept may have worked back in the 1800s, but I would argue that it wouldn’t work in today’s society because land is more of a commodity now than it has ever been. On the basis of religion, millions of people around the world embrace some sort of religion as a means of reliance and comfort. Even though Marx was an atheist, religionists back then would not want to follow his economic idea because communism blocks out all religions. To be more specific, communism is an atheist theory. I think Marx was a relatively smart person, but he should have cited newspapers in his manifesto to back up his radical claims with hard and logical evidence so that way future generations could determine if he is more right or wrong. He uses a lot of historical facts and examples to plead his opinion, but I think he could’ve gone more since what he wrote was a political and economic doctrine that is very popular today. Overall, I would be lying if I said he didn’t have a strong opinion, because he did and he seemed to have succeeded in naming out the flaws of capitalism in his work.
  • Failed Philosophy

    By Lawguy72
    Recorded history has continued to show this ideology for what it is; riddled with envy & destined to impoverish mankind. The CM is not an economics book. It’s a philosophy book. A philosophy that has proven to be a disaster. If you embrace it it’s unlikely you understand the history or consequences of it
  • The Communist Manifesto

    By Very hot reeder
    Very nice, would like to read the sequel of this book, though.
  • Great ideology however Marx himself is dated

    By sn@pster
    When reading this book one could easily see his predictions and laugh after all Germany did not fall to communist revolution and we still live in a bourgeois society. But it is important to know that Marx lived in a radically different time and that he was not a prophet, basically read for the theory but know that he is from a different time.
  • Genius

    By mannymanreviews
    Karl Marx is based
  • The Communist Manifesto

    By boudiccea2020
    This is but a purely scholastic exercise. A man may develop the most marvelous plan for all the rest of mankind with all the purest and most altruistic intentions, but it still remains true that this one man is planning the lives of every other single being using his own thoughts, feelings, and understanding. Karl Marx was a monumental egotist. He replaced God with.... himself.
  • Some Thoughts

    By Jsnln
    I just want to say that Communism written in this manifesto is vastly different from the claimed Communist government that the Soviet Union, China, etc. have implemented. On one hand, demonization by capitalist states have played a role, but also the Communist countries themselves have diverged from the path laid out by Marx and Engel. In frank terms, communism is not for poor countries. Although, throughout history, it was the poorest countries (Soviet Union in First World War, China during Japanese Invasion, Vietnam in Cold War) that have chosen communism, that’s not how the writers of the Manifesto wanted it. Communism is the next form of capitalism. It is the next step in society after the full maturity of capitalism. Communism isn’t poor people rising up in a poor country, it’s poor workers rising up in a fully developed capitalist economy. Finally, the concept of a communist government is redundant. Communism calls for the disintegration of the government itself ( I know, Stalin and Mao would not be happy if you tell them that, but it’s what Marx and Engels called for). Communism in practice is and will be unsuccessful if the same approach is taken, but I believe it is possible if it was actually capitalist countries that evolve into communism. That would, however, not be in the near future, but I wouldn’t rule it out.
  • Bad solutions

    By MyTwitzWorld
    Accurately describes socio-economic problems but offers bad solutions
  • Wonderful!

    By Spaceman4crafters
    This helped me restart a communist government under the rule of our glorious president Chester Cheeto!