Neptune Crossing - Jeffrey A. Carver

Neptune Crossing

By Jeffrey A. Carver

  • Release Date: 2010-09-09
  • Genre: Sci-Fi & Fantasy
Score: 4.5
From 199 Ratings

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When John Bandicut sets out across the surface of Triton, he’s hardly ready for the storm of chaos that’s about to blow through his life. The alien quarx that soon inhabits his mind is humanity’s first contact with an alien life—a contact Bandicut can reveal to no one. The quarx, part of an ancient galactic civilization that manipulates chaos theory to predict catastrophic events, seeks to prevent a cometary collision that could destroy the Earth. But it must have help. If Bandicut chooses to trust the quarx, he must break all the rules—indeed, sacrifice his life as he knows it—to prevent humanity’s greatest cataclysm. Leaving friends and lover behind, hurtling across the solar system in a stolen spaceship, Bandicut can only pray that his actions will save the Earth. Even if he doesn’t live to see it again. From the Nebula-nominated author of Eternity’s End. DRM-free ebook edition.

Original print edition by Tor Books. Now in trade paperback from Starstream Publications. Also available as an audiobook, narrated by Grammy winner Stefan Rudnicki!


One of the best SF novels of the year — Science Fiction Chronicle

“Jeff Carver is a hard sf writer who gets it right—his science and his people are equally convincing. Neptune Crossing combines his strengths, from a chilling look at alien machine intelligence, to cutting-edge chaos theory, to the pangs of finite humans in the face of the infinite. If you like intriguing ideas delivered in an exciting plot, this is your meat.” —Gregory Benford

“Masterfully captures the joy of exploration.” — Publishers Weekly

“Reveals an alien encounter brushing hard against a soul, and takes us from there to the far reaches of the cosmos, all with the sure touch of a writer who knows his science. Jeff Carver has done it again!” —David Brin

“A complex and believable protagonist—an ordinary man rising to extraordinary circumstances—and an alien presence that is at once convincingly strange and deeply real. I’m really glad to have read this one.” —Melissa Scott, author of Dreamships and Trouble and Her Friends

“One of the very best things Carver has written, a traditional adventure filled with mystery and wonder and featuring a likable and believable protagonist thrust onto a stage for which he is ill prepared.” — Science Fiction Chronicle

“A roaring, cross-the-solar-system adventure of the first water. The kind of stuff that made us all love science fiction.” —Jack McDevitt, author of Seeker and Chindi

“High-octane space adventure: mystery, humor, theoretical physics, and one of the more interesting SF aliens you’ve likely encountered in a long while.” —Allen Steele

“With works such as The Infinity Link... and his popular Star Rigger novels, Carver won acclaim as a master craftsman of compelling hard science fiction. This captivating opener to a new series incorporating the emerging science of chaos theory should keep that reputation flourishing... Carver has created yet another electrifying scenario as well as a winning combination in Bandicut and the sometimes vulnerable yet superintelligent quarx. First-rate entertainment.” — Booklist


  • Neptune Crossing

    By ed 3.1624
    Awesome! You feel part of the story.
  • Neptune Crossing... disappointing

    By xxxzaaxc
    Storyline interesting and mildly enjoyable. But I feel this is a vehicle to produce revenue only. With at least 4 books in the story, how many more to follow ? Will there ever be closure ? I would have continued following the story if the price had been reasonable, however, $4.99 for the next 2 books in the obvious to be mega-series is just too high a price, as is the 4th book at $5.99. I assume after the 20th or 30th book there may “possibly” be an end, however I will not be there to see it. I see a great moneymaker and nothing else. Sad... if the price had been $1.99 or even $2.99 I would have continued, but you have overpriced me out of the equation. Sorry... but you lost me as a reader. Totally. And I read a large number of sci-for stories every year. My gut-feeling is that my review will never see the light of day. You probably pick the good and dismiss the bad and that in itself would be a confirmation of my hypothesis of this being a money-making operation. I’m sorry, but I want to believe you wish to hear the truth.
  • Neptune Crossing

    By DeweyDip
    I am along time science fiction reader, who has been away from serious reading for several years. I recently began reading iBooks, where I found this book. All I can say is Bravo!!! I have just ordered Book #2 of the series!
  • Neptune Crossing: Confused

    By BobbiLeslie
    Main character evolves strangely, but main plot is very good, look forward to following novels!
  • Neptune Crossing - book review - ssa 11/25/2016

    By Ninefingers-Grapes
    Not a real reader of science fiction. But I did enjoy this offering, returning to on my iPad. I tent to read mystery and detective books. But have finished L.E.Modesitt, Jr. series "imagery " and some other series which my aged memory fails to resurrect. I cannot get to my books because junk is stopping me from seeing. Remember 77 year old eye. A good book, that I enjoyed, now wanting to get to its next volume.
  • Eminently Readable

    By AllyCat1952
    A fast paced, easy read with a lovable protagonist. You can't help but root for the guy. And nothing makes a book as satisfying as a great ending. This one has it. Now on to the next one in the series. Thanks, J. Carver.
  • Neptune Crossing

    By Jes2Cool
    Great read. Earth guy & alien save the Earth plot. Believable characters. Neither hero or alien have a clue what they're doing. Conversations between the two border between comedy and tears. Looking forward to reading the next book.
  • Great

    By Bookworm1940
    Had me sweating a few times. Given the number of books I read that ain't easy for a writer to do. Can't wait to read the next one.