The Phoenix Conspiracy - Richard Sanders

The Phoenix Conspiracy

By Richard Sanders

  • Release Date: 2011-05-12
  • Genre: Science Fiction
Score: 4.5
From 1,769 Ratings

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On the surface, the galaxy seems peaceful. Humankind prospers from the Capital World to the far reaches of The Corridor. But to those who can see the signs, it's clear something is wrong. Long, dark fingers are pulling strings inside the military, making clandestine deals with enemy states, and fulfilling some dark design.

Calvin is an intelligence agent working for the Imperial government. He's young, his methods are unorthodox, but he gets results. So when a former military hero steals a warship and goes rogue--threatening to start a war, Calvin is sent to eliminate him.

But as he chases his prey across the stars, he realizes they are both pawns in a shadowy chess game that shakes kingdoms, divides empires, and threatens civilization everywhere. And if he is to uncover the mystery and expose the conspiracy he must confront--and embrace--the darkest elements of the galaxy and throw himself, his career, and everyone he loves into the line of fire.


  • Favorite

    By Ma*%c4
    This book and the entire 7 book series has been my favorite of all time.
  • So much good! This book is the stuff !!!

    By Cjay_
    Well written, explained and ends with you looking for the rest of the books !
  • Spectacular

    By Risker34
    This is the first time ive ever read a book and not been able to put it down. The plot is engaging and mysterious but the big reveals all feel like they make sense.
  • Great Start

    By Pops.99
    From the captivating opening through the last actions, you'll not regret having taken a chance on what seems the beginning of a most epic space adventure.
  • Good read

    By Actoresse
    Similar to a Star Wars story and a few others but worth reading
  • An interesting book.

    By Darth Zion
    I find that the Phoenix Conspiracy is an interesting book series because it introduces a new sense of mystery then the average science fiction book. When it put a use mythology such as the Phoenix and the werewolf, and vampire as a remorii i found it unique in a sort of fiction that takes place in space.
  • Not a bad beguinning

    By Don't !!!!!
    If I had paid for this e-book I would have been annoyed. It is not a standalone story. It is the setup for what appears to be a 5 book epic. That said I did like what I saw. The writing is good with multiple detailed characters. The captain is the epitome of the flawed hero. The only weak point is the author relies on dumb luck to get him out of trouble too often.
  • Phoenix Conspiracy

    By Rom1956
    Great book! I actually resented having to do other things beside reading. Minor details like heart attacks & missing presents. I'm also so sick it makes me nauseated to move my eyes, but that didn't stop me! Good solid characters, multiple deep characters with enough detail to feel authentic atmosphere & emotional contact. Thanks for your hard work. Thanks for twists & turns that kept me reading way beyond what I should. Good books are worth some sleepless nights or dizzy spells.
  • Excellent!!!

    By birdcaje
    Richard Sanders creates an intriguing futuristic world in which mankind prospers in a space-aged environment populated with numerous races. But man's sovereignty is about to be challenged and governments, militarys and influential leaders will take sides and fight. The characters make sense and their individual decisions are both believable and understood. The story unfolds at a steady pace, filled with dilemma, twist and uncertainty, which kept me turning the pages for more. I wanted to understand what the characters understood and I wanted, even more than they did, to find out the truth behind the conspiracy. If you like Robert Ludlum novels and Dune and Star Trek and Star Wars – then you are sure to enjoy this series.
  • Enjoyable space mystery

    By Suprememango
    Really enjoyed this book. A compelling mystery, fun and interesting characters and some sweet space action. A great flawed protagonist in Calvin Cross. Looking forward to Phoenix Rising.