For The Black Woman: A How-To-Guide For Developing and Elevating The Growing and Intelligent Sister - Rose Hakim

For The Black Woman: A How-To-Guide For Developing and Elevating The Growing and Intelligent Sister

By Rose Hakim

  • Release Date: 2011-08-08
  • Genre: Parenting

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In a world generally run by men, women have struggled to earn, justify and maintain a dignified place in it. Our roles have changed in meaningful and favorable ways, but there is still much work to be done. This book covers many areas surrounding the woman, but more particularly, the Black woman. As explained inside, she is the original, from whom all other women are made.

She is the mother of civilization and originally the standard of beauty everywhere on the earth; unfortunately, she lost her place and is unaware of the tragedy; therefore, she now patterns after women of other races, particularly the white women of western civilization.

They have come from caves of Europe to actually landing on the moon and we give them credit for their advancements and progress; however, we marvel at this because we have been robbed of the knowledge of our own history. If we had knowledge of ourselves, such as being the direct descendants of the Creator Himself, we would then know that what they have accomplished is merely child's play. Our ignorance keeps us worshipping them, because we don't know of ourselves.

This book points out how we fell from glory, which is partly due to following the white race in the first place as far back as our first encounter with them when we were living in Paradise (called the middle east today). Some call it the Holy Land today. Ignorantly taking them for guides caused us to begin serving them and their wicked ways and as a result of not being taught by our teachers, because they prevented it, we have become practitioners of their sinful ways or sinners by circumstance. They are what they are by nature.

For The Black Woman is a delicate but hard hitting book that puts the truth about us on the table, because we are big girls, and based on the supreme sacrifice we have made in the past, which includes nursing our enemies' babies, our own, and in many cases, our men too, we deserve the truth and demand it.

This book addresses the pain of the past and current after affects that still hinder us and our men from taking advantage of the benefits of raising a family and prospering like other races and nationalities. It points out how we were used for experimental purposes, from which the American School of Gynecology was established.

In many cultures there are rites of passage and whether you have experienced this or not, this book will fill in many of the blanks about inside information that most black sisters have been excluded from. This one is for my sisters.

Book Excerpt: Pg. 34

The Black Woman is always disappointed; consequently, she becomes troubled and agitated very often. Her life is generally depressed and easily enraged. Her feelings and emotions run high, which is abnormal. She eventually goes insane and loses all hope of moral respect from intelligent society. She eventually begins destroying her life by trying to co-habitate or mix the blood of many men in her womb at the same time.

It becomes what she thinks is, “natural” to eat poison food, go unclean, and ignorant of how to be a healthy pregnant mother. Consequently, this potential mother dies at the change of life, the age of 47. Few children are born to the lost-found mother after this age.

My dear black sisters, you have fallen so far from the right way, that now you are no more admired, but are looked upon as most hateful. Many higher classed women whisper among themselves saying: "ARE THESE THE NOBELS THAT WERE TO BE FOR THE LOST FOUNDS? [THOSE WHO WERE LOST AND NOW FOUND]? NOW THEY HAVE DEGRADED THEMSELVES."