What's Best Next - Matt Perman

What's Best Next

By Matt Perman

  • Release Date: 2014-03-04
  • Genre: Christianity
Score: 4.5
From 10 Ratings

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Do Work That Matters

Productivity isn’t just about getting more things done. It’s about getting the right things done—the things that count, make a difference, and move the world forward. In our current era of massive overload, this is harder than ever before. So how do you get more of the right things done without confusing mere activity for actual productivity?

When we take God’s purposes into account, a revolutionary insight emerges. Surprisingly, we see that the way to be productive is to put others first—to make the welfare of other people our motive and criteria in determining what to do (what’s best next). As both the Scriptures and the best business thinkers show, generosity is the key to unlocking our productivity. It is also the key to finding meaning and fulfillment in our work.

What’s Best Next offers a practical approach for improving your productivity in all areas of life. It will help you better understand:

• Why good works are not just rare and special things like going to Africa, but anything you do in faith even tying your shoes.

• How to create a mission statement for your life that actually works.

• How to delegate to people in a way that actually empowers them.

• How to overcome time killers like procrastination, interruptions, and multitasking by turning them around and making them work for you.

• How to process workflow efficiently and get your email inbox to zero every day.

• How your work and life can transform the world socially, economically, and spiritually, and connect to God’s global purposes.

By anchoring your understanding of productivity in God’s purposes and plan, What’s Best Next will give you a practical approach for increasing your effectiveness in everything you do.


  • I am one step closer to getting the RIGHT things done.

    By karacter0
    No matter where you are in life and what your role is, this book will help reshape the way you think about productivity and will help you become more effective through practical approaches he presents. When I finally took the topic of productivity more seriously about a year ago, I found many helpful suggestions. But I didn't feel 'whole' about the matter. Besides missing some of the big action pieces of productivity (which Matt speaks about), I was thinking about productivity all wrong. My starting point was wrong. Matt helped me see that I can't take out the thread of biblical theology that so naturally weaves itself into how one thinks about work, particularly productive work. Beyond the foundational truths, Matt weaves together in this one book the principles and practical applications of being productive that are connected to faith. His guidance in showing me the importance of clarifying my roles and creating a flexible framework was the most helpful thing in terms of practicality.