Cats - Isabella Paleczny


By Isabella Paleczny

  • Release Date: 2014-04-22
  • Genre: Pets
Score: 3.5
From 121 Ratings

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Are you getting a new cat? Do you want to learn more about them? This is the cat book for you.


  • Yes

    By catt cake
    Yes I did give the little kid 5 stars for trying to be a good writer.its so obvious that’s he or she is trying to be a writer.i know he’s gonna get to a famous when the kid is maybe probably 16 or 18!!!
  • Some information but........

    By tacocato🐱🌮
    I can’t believe I got a book that was made by a five year old!!!!!
  • no

    By reader 626
    It may seem informational, but it’s made a by a child and has little to no information. 👎
  • Eh

    By CGG XD
    I kinda like this but the fact that this was probably made by a 5 year-old. Some of the details are actually true though, So that’s why I rate it 3 stars.
  • Not great book

    By horseylover34
    There horrid drawing and it repeats itself once but over all this a bad book
  • Lol

    By rossco the cat
    Ok. So this book is obviously 🙄 by a little kid, considering all the spelling mistakes. It’s also extremely short. But the little information it does actually give is pretty helpful. Yes, cats like different toys, and finding the best one will help it stay fit and happy. And the type of food it eats does matter. But I think that’s not enough information to write a book. So why did I give it three stars? Because you can’t actually expect a kid that’s that young to make a long, descriptive story. Even though there are a lot of mistakes and lack of detail, I think this kid could become a great writer one day.
  • So helpful

    By keyshawnmendes
    This book is genius, thank you to the athor of this book for making everything simple, fun, and easy to understand. 100% would recommend.
  • Bad

    By Temmie-Timmy
  • Fffuuuuuuuu

    By Qwerty9976
    This is the worst! These drawings! This was DEFINITELY written by a kid
  • By a kid

    By Cutiepie23💗💖💟💜
    Is this by a kid it is I know it is because the pictures are just awful not to be rude but someone else needs to draw pictures like a artist but I might give this book a 0 in rate!!!!! Please look at the reviews on this because it's bad