Java Interview Bootcamp - Sam Atkinson

Java Interview Bootcamp

By Sam Atkinson

  • Release Date: 2015-02-28
  • Genre: Computers

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Find openings. Ace the interview. Land the job.

You're here because you want a job as a Java dev. Getting a new job can be tricky, but it doesn't have to be. You're probably wondering: How do you find the job? Is your resume good enough? What kind of questions can you expect?

This book explains the entire process from the moment you decide it's time for a new role. From writing your resume through to crushing Java interviews, Java Interview Bootcamp has you covered.

"I think your book is very well written and packed full of good information. I found the collections section especially informative. The explanations are incredibly easy to understand and I feel like I can now discuss the topics intelligently. Thanks again!"
Dave V. - Java Developer

Java Interview Bootcamp is split into two sections. Section one covers the soft skills side of trying to find a new job, such as interview technique and resume building. Ignore these skills at your peril: 75% of getting hired is about making a good impression, 25% is knowing your stuff. Java devs aren't very good at this. Your suit doesn't fit properly and you struggle to make conversation. You feel awkward. Section one is your map through the softer skill and making your interviewer become your fan.

Section two is an in depth core Java review. Java interviews are really hard. For some reason interviewers love to ask complicated GC tuning questions, or challenge your knowledge on the Big O of algorithms. Even worse, some interviewers expect you to be able to recall the Threading API by wrote. This isn't what you do in your day job, which means you can't showcase how good you are in an interview. These topics come up over and over again in Java interviews and you need to revise for them. Section two is an in depth core Java study with example questions to help guide you for the big interview.

About The Author:

Hi, I'm Sam. I'm a senior Java developer and have been interviewing candidates for over 7 years across various financial institutions and smaller firms. Having gone through hundreds of CVs and candidates during a recent recruitment drive I was really shocked at how many candidates didn't even do basic preparation. It was immensely frustrating how many people could have done better if they'd just spent the time to revise their Java knowledge and practice their soft skills.
Interviews are hard. I should know, I've interviewed hundreds of developers and many fail the interview (even the awesome coders). I looked online to discover that the limited material available was fragmented and poor in quality. As a result I wrote Java Interview Bootcamp- this is my guide on how to ace Java interviews based on my experience from both sides of the desk. If you have any questions then feel free to email me directly.